UNISEARCH Inc. is a public records research firm that specializes in the search, retrieval, and filing of public documents in all 50 states and internationally. With our services and tools we offer an extensive range of Uniform Commercial Code/Lien and Corporate services to the legal, financial and business communities.

UNISEARCH was founded in 1991 by Jan Hopton in the capital city of Olympia, Washington. Over the last 30 years Jan has grown the company into one of the leading research and public retrieval firms in the country. To provide better service to our clients we now have offices in cities across the nation, with more opening all the time.

One of our core lines of business is providing Worldwide Registered Agent services. Companies large and small have trusted us for their business incorporation/qualification and Registered Agent needs. We make transitioning your Registered Agent easy. We prepare both nationwide status reports and all the change of agent forms as well as filing the executed forms and absorbing all state change of agent fees.

UNISEARCH has an excellent reputation for having a highly qualified team of service specialists and managers for Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) search and filing. They use our proprietary systems  and cutting-edge technologies, to exceed the capabilities of the competition. UNISEARCH has become an industry leader in UCC documentation services among the commercial lending and legal communities.

The Service Specialists you work with at UNISEARCH, are among the most highly trained and dedicated experts in the industry. As a result, they understand the importance of your business and make sure to provide you with professional and comprehensive assistance at all times.